International Business

About the Course

This course provides a detailed coverage of the key principles and practical aspects of the Logistics functions in modern organizations. It addresses both the operational and the strategic areas in these functions. The course also includes topics related to the commercial aspects of logistics.


For the first time, IIMM offers a training programme that combines the advantages of distance learning with the assistance of experienced professional instructors.

  • Classroom lectures delivered via recorded video sessions
  • E-learning study material and explanatory notes
  • Case studies and assessments
  • Certification test to be taken in person at select IIMM branches or IIMM specified test centres
  • Project Work

With this methodology, participants can join the course from the convenience of their homes and have access to study material and content on demand.


Diploma or a degree in any discipline, with a minimum of one year experience in logistics or any other supply management function

Topics Covered

  1. Review of Foundation Topics
  2. Logistics Management and Customer Service
  3. Global Logistics
  4. Commercial aspects of Logistics
  5. Performance Measurements
  6. Exim Procedures
  7. Information Needs in Logistics


50 hours. Self-paced. It is recommended that students spend on an average 2-3 hours per week and complete the course in 20 weeks.


  • PC / Mac with multi-media capabilities
  • Broadband connection of at least 2 MBPS
  • Compatible with major browsers, works best with Firefox, Chrome and Safari

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This course is part of the Logistics stream

Who should take this course?

  • SCM professionals with some experience of the logistics function who wish to advance their career in international operations
  • Professionals of other SCM functions such as Purchasing and Materials who need to understand the important operational and strategic aspects related to foreign trade
  • Professionals who wish to prepare themselves for the IIMM Expert Certification programme